Want to make some extra money on the side?

The real questions are: How to get started? What then? Will it work for me?

What it's about?

Side hustles are in! Are you ready and set to go?

Starting your Online Side Hustle is all about helping you make some extra money in an internet-based business, whilst still working in your day-job. 

Times are tough and the cost of living is through the roof! How do you cope? Where's the extra money going to come from? An online side hustle is the choice of millions!

Since January 2020 over 7 million new internet-based side hustles started in the US, and the numbers are increasing at an exponential rate! Most are Millennials and Gen-Z's who grew up with computers and the internet. 

But surveys suggest most lack or ignore basic business principles and fail. Over 50% of side hustles have $0~$100 in monthly sales. What then? 

Starting your Online Side Hustle  is for those who are looking at starting a side hustle and want a thumbnail sketch of what you need to know to succeed. It features 'Top 10 Secrets to Making Money in Your Internet-based business'

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Side hustle

A micro-business you conduct, usually from home, to earn extra income over and above your regular 'day job'.


The entire mode of operating is via the internet, including buying and selling, banking, customer communication, marketing and admin.

A new paradigm

Internet-based side hustles that use technology to leverage their efforts, thus averting the paradigm of exchanging time for money. 


Question 1 - is a side hustle easy money?

There are countless courses offered on social media on starting side hustles, usually by those claiming their unique secret formulas that made them millions on the internet.

So everyone who starts a side hustle expects to start making money from Day 1, but surveys show that over 50% of them don't.

Making money is not easy. But it's do-able and the book outlines the common ingredients and secrets of successful entrepreneurs.

Question 2 - how long will it take me to read it?

The book is a quick read by design - 120 pages - brief and to the point! We're all busy and just want the key facts presented simply. 

Depending on your reading speed, it should take 1 ~ 3 hours.

It has 10 short chapters covering the basics of what you need to know and do to succeed. It includes a glossary of business terms, and source references.

QUESTION 3 - what formats of the book are available?

The paperback and Kindle (ebook) versions are available on Amazon world-wide. The audio version is in production and will available as soon as it's ready.


Covid-19 completely and permanently changed the way businesses operate.

The book discusses each topic in the context of the unique opportunities and challenges that this change has created. 

For example, it's never been easier to start a side hustle. There are countless opportunities, the technology is there to provide infinite scalability and sell globally.

But there are now 10 million more online side hustles on the internet than just three years ago. How will customers find you? How will your business survive? 

Sidepreneurs will all face personal, physical and emotional issues as they juggle their time, energy and effort between their day-jobs, side hustles and family relationships. How can they cope? 

QUESTION 5 - any extras in the pipeline?

Yes, we are developing a few things to complement this book:

1. Resources - pdf handouts at templates

2. Courses - short presentations to explain single concepts, and longer ones

3. A blog where we'll discuss topical issues, interview guests

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what's in it for me

This book is for you...

This book is for you if you are thinking of, or have recently made you debut in the exciting world of internet-based-side hustles.

It's a quick, easy read, but also a must-read.

Surveys suggest that most sidepreneurs lack basic business skills and are vulnerable to falling victim to one or more of the common reasons side hustles fail. 20% of all businesses fail within their first year, 33% in their second year.

So, this book focusses on the ten must-know business basics that will help you avert this outcome and, more importantly, make you more money.


What they say...

Lawrence Jackson

Managing Director



Social Marketing

This succinct book from Brian Katzen which he has managed to compact into just 125 short pages gives a very practical guide on how to go about establishing your side hustle. Lots of real-world thinking and tips on key elements to consider and components to factor in, from someone who has been involved in a multitude of businesses, projects, and campaigns over the years.

Claudia Sebesteanu

Reviewed in Amazon DE

This book provides a simple and quick way to understand complex issues. It is not for everyone, but if you're interested in starting a side hustle, it will teach you how to do it. It is not simple to earn money, but it is doable. It may not be simple to open and run a business, but it can be done. It describes how to avoid failure. It is an easy, fast read, as who has time nowadays? For those who want to study more, there is a references section.

Celeste Tchoua

Entrepeneur, Side Hustler

As somebody who’s brave enough to be starting my own business, this book is packed with invaluable advise of what could happen along the way of this lonely venture and I liked that.
From doing your market research, know your objectives, and having a plan to achieve it. Definitely recommend.


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About the author

Brian Katzen

SIDE HUSTLES are Brian Katzen's schtick! 

He’s had them almost all his life, so he understands their potential as a vehicle to earn extra cash towards achieving your dreams.

Brian Katzen writes with the busy reader in mind – factual, to the point, and makes complex topics easy to read and understand.

By profession he’s an accountant, an educator, and an MBA-qualified business consultant specializing in small business. He's the author of several books, and until recently a teacher of management, accounting, tax and other business subjects at universities and colleges.

Brian Katzen